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  • The recruiter has to fill all the required details in the online registration link using the login credentials provided by NID after the sign up process is complete.
  • After the registration process for recruiters is over, job descriptions / project briefs submitted by the participating companies will be shared with students, so that they can register for the company of their choice. We request you to provide accurate and detailed information to select the right candidate.
  • Students will submit their choices / preferences based on the job description / project brief and company profile submitted by you while registering.
  • Participating companies will be able to view the list of applicants using their login credentials. Each student will upload a Statement of Purpose (SOP) addressing their reasons for applying for a role. This document, along with the student’s online portfolio and resume can be accessed by the recuriter on the portal.
  • All placement related communications should be through the placement team -
  • Recruiters are requested to read the placement guidelines document shared on the industry interface portal at the time of registration.
  • It is mandatory for recruiters to shortlist the applied candidates for interview. The recruiter has to share the list of shortlisted candidates by 31 January, 2022 (5pm) online using your login credentials to conduct the interviews as scheduled. No further test/s will be allowed.
  • All student interviews will happen online. Recruiters should adhere to the time slot allotted to them during the Interview Week, 3 - 8 January, 2022. All interviews scheduled for one company will happen within 1 day, between 10a.m. and 6p.m. Recruiters are advised to share the final selected candidates name/s online on the portal on the same day of the interview as per the timelines.
  • Task / assignment is not allowed on the day of the interview, you are requested to only conduct interview with the student.
  • Companies are to set up the interview links and share it with the placement volunteer assigned to them.
  • Interviews can be conducted on Zoom ( Recruiters are advised to be familiar with the app and ensure stable internet connection before the start of the interviews.
  • The maximum time limit for a personal interview is 20 minutes per student, with a gap of 10 minutes between each student.
  • Recruiters have to update the status of the interview (final selects, waitlist-as per ranking) for every candidate online using your login credentials by the end of the interview day and upload the scanned copy of the offer letter / interim offer letter with revised pay if any on the portal.
  • Recruiters are advised to keep the waitlist ready, atleast 2 waitlist per position
  • No further interview(s) or screening tests shall be conducted for a selected candidate. Offers given after the Industry Interface week would be deemed as final.
  • Companies will adhere to the PAY ASSURED while filling the registration form and will not negotiate below the assured emoluments with participants. But a higher pay can be offered to any deserving candidate. In case of any increased differential pay, an email regarding the same must be sent to industry
  • Recruiters will have to share the feedback about the overall Industry Interface recruitment process via email to